About time

That's what we need today: taking time. Time to think, time to see, time to analyze, the same time we need to make a drawing to understand what we look.

I decided to make the praise of slowness, make room for imperfection, leaving the field for the imagination, rendering its delicacy to intimity,bringing back an emotion, quietly, calmly, taking time. I want to recover the intelligence of analysis, purely subjective, of what surrounds us.

And transmitted through books, sketchbooks, notebooks, telling stories, travels, events, crazy things or other very wise, quiet or hectic life.
Books that vibrate and that you can read looking drawings, anotations, spontaneous reflections. Acquire new vocabulary to be able to read in peace, without being pressed. Make a space to enjoy.

A purely subjective emotion is transmitted and reproduced in a sketch, a drawing. An emotion that we choose to keep, selecting what you want to remember, dedicating time to transmit, and share.
A drawing leaves field for imagination. Its reading is not imposed.

These are the emotions I want to pass and share. By making Carnets, all kinds of Carnets, a moment of your life take its place. Because all moments are diferents and worth sharing, and because we are all diferents, each story is exciting.

Since I have children, some of these Carnets are dedicated to them. Others speak of the trips we do together. Some are only annotations, others more technicals related to my job.

In 1992, I left my home town of Aix en Provence to study in Paris: I was admitted to the École Boulle.
I spent 5 years in this mythical and beautiful school, Interior Design division.
This is where I learned the art of crafts, handwork, patience. Where I was taught to draw in Carnets.

I traveled around the world and around the corner, and now I am based in Barcelona with my husband and 3 children. Some years ago, I created with 2 associates my office of Interior Design : MisMAS Interiorismo, where we are developing projects larges and small.

And since that time, I make all kinds of Carnets:
family, marriage, collections, books for importants moments and small things, logbooks or recreational
Carnets that become a memory, your memory to share differently, taking time.

Contact me : cecile@mis-mas.com

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